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Monday, July 25, 2011

UC Browser 7.8 for Android

It has been almost one year from the last release of the UC Browser English Version for Android in UC 7.2. With the new release and more than 10 million monthly active users, UC Browser keeps its leading position in Android market, continue to compete with the major players, like Opera Mini, Dolphin & Skyfire.
UC Browser 7.8 for Android can make the time for initialization & exit in just one second, let the user even can’t feel the open & exit. 2. Fast in Browsing UC Browser 7.8 for Android made optimization to network connection again, besides the
increased speed for visiting website, the stability also get a better performance, to ensure users can have a higher efficient browsing experience. 3. Fast in Operation For the touch screen users, the smooth of operation is one of the most important points to them. UC Browser 7.8 for Android made optimization for this point to bring users more smooth & faster operation experience.

Introduced the Dual Core Architecture in the first place 7 years ago, UC firstly introduced the C/S architecture to fill the digital gap between the handset and the PC internet, which is 15 months ahead of Opera Mini. Now, again, UC introduced the Dual Core Architecture in the first place to meet different requirement from mobile internet users.
Almost every mobile browser for Android leverage the Webkit core, and what they do is to build the client, and draw the user interface. However, for UC Browser, it not only integrated the Webkit, but also developed its own core to bring a faster and traffic saving experience to users.
With the UC’s own core, users can save up to 85% of the traffic. Users can switch between these two cores according to their need, by change the browsing model from “Full Function” to “Data Saving”.
More friendly for the user interface Besides the speed, UC Browser 7.8 for Android also made the improvement in the user interface, like the UC innovated two screens model bring users the quick access to bookmark, history. Moreover, the theme customization brings users always fresh experience.


Android Hi-res
Android Low Res

Sunday, July 24, 2011

UC Browser 7.8 to Win from User Experience Details


Today, UCWeb announced the new release of its UC Browser 7.8 for Symbian, Android, Java & WindowsMobile. In this version, UC Browser initiated the “View Image” mode in the first place in the mobile browser industry, and keeps the core competency of UC Browser as always to bring a faster browsing experience to users.

For the Android users, after the UC 7.2, UCWeb updated the new version to UC 7.8, with upgrade to stability, speed, UI and many more features.

“View Image” Mode
There are lots of images filled in the internet world, mainly aims to attract users’ attention. However, the widely welcomed image content in PC is not such attractive in mobile handset. Due to the size & quality of the image and the network condition, to view the image in handset is not so easy and in good experienced compare to PC. Thanks to the UC Browser 7.8, all these problems solved, with the new function of “View Image” mode, users can get the similar experience in their handset as what they do in PC to view image easily. 
30% Speed Improvement for Java
Compare to UC Browser 7.7, the speed for browsing increase again for about 30%, continuously keep UC Browser’s leading position for speed among opera mini, bolt browser, skyfire. 

Basic Function Optimization
UC Browser for symbian optimized the management to bookmark, such as move & delete, symbian v3/v5 can create multiple level directory, manage bookmarks directly, especially symbian v3 added the “mark” function.

UC Browser for Java support “remember current page” & “clear all browser history” operation, close tab with right bottom, open the “menu” operation while loading page, to make more smooth operation in low level handset. 

With the miss after UC 7.2, UC Browser for Android showed its new face in UC 7.8 version. By focusing on the continuous innovation, the new version is having a totally new look from the core features to user interface. May you enjoy it?

Every version upgrade of UC Browser is focus on how to improve users experience by speed and operation. Users can enjoy the high quality mobile life with UC Browser 7.8. To download, please visit www.ucweb.com by PC or wap.ucweb.com by handset.

Download Links for Latest UC Browser 7.8

If you can't install, please try Java Unsigned Version, or visit wap.ucweb.com


Symbian S60v1
Symbian S60v2
Symbian S60v3
Symbian S60v5


For most phones which support Java (Unsigned)
For Java Certificate Supported Handsets (Signed)
For Low-memory(128K) Java Handsets


High-resolution version for Android
Low-resolution version for Android

Windows Mobile
WM PPC2005/06 Touch phones
WM For PPC2003 Touch phones
WM For SP2005/06 Keyboard phones
WM For SP2003 Keyboard phones