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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Most Common Nokia 5800 s60v5 Questions & Solutions

This is a common list of problems and corresponding solutions for Nokia 5800. Some require that your phone is hacked, but most don't. This list is an inexhaustible list and new things will be added frequently.

Delete from Phone is referred to as deleting from phone memory using X-plore or an equivalent file browser. The file browser must have 'show hidden files and folders' enabled along with 'show system files and folders'. Delete from memory card is by connecting to pc in mass storage and deleting. Connecting to PC means, connect in mass storage mode unless specified particularly. Keeping these facts known, we begin.

The first solution to try for any problem is to restart the phone.

Q. My Shortcuts on Home screen as well as Contacts and Dialer buttons are not working, what to do?
A. Delete this file from phone and restart your phone c:\private\10202BE9\persists\10275102.cre

Q. My Gallery Icons are going missing and showing corrupt icons or wrong icon.
A. First try restarting the phone. If that doesn't fix it, delete this folder from memory card E:\Private\101f8857\cache and create a new cache folder there. Restart Phone.

Q. Music player is not showing the new files I have added to my memory card.
A. Open Music player, options>refresh library

Q. Even after refreshing, my new music files are not showing in the player.
A. First do a check disk after connecting in mass storage mode and right-click on drive>tools>disk check. Tick both options and check. After that completes, delete \Private\101ffca9\harvesterdbv9_2.dat and disconnect. Now try Refreshing. Always disconnect with safety removal only.

Q. I can't do a disk check, it says 'drive in use, schedule disk check on next system restart?'
A. Connect in mass storage mode and open my computer and note the drive letter, close all windows. Press Windows key+R and type cmd and then in command prompt, type chkdsk H: /f /r /x where H should be replaced by the drive letter of memory card and press enter. The drive will be forced to dismount and will be checked. If this is the case every time, your system has a virus.

Q. How to disconnect the phone from PC? Can I just pull it off?
A. You must never pull the cable directly. If it is connected in mass storage, close all applications and windows accessing the memory card and then safely eject from tray. Remove only when it says 'safe to remove'. If you are unable to remove safely, shutdown the pc and remove it. Dont pull the cable on the fly. If phone is connected in pc suite mode, stop all transactions and sync's and exit the pc suite from tray, then pull out the cable. There is no safely eject icon in tray for this mode.

Q. I am unable to switch my message memory to memory card. It says 'cannot change memory'
A. Connect to PC and delete private\1000484b folder from memory card. Disconnect and try again. Memory card is an insecure place to store messages as they tend to get corrupted quickly. Dont come running if it gets corrupted as there is no way to recover them back.

Q. The video center on my phone is not updating the new videos I copied to phone.
A. Delete from phone this folder c:\data\videocenter\ and try opening video center again. It will take a few minutes to update the database.

Q. The built in image editor is not working, just opens and quits immediately.
A. Delete from phone this folder c:\private\101ffa91 and try editing again. A restart may also be required.

Q. How do i delete the history of videos played on the video player?
A. Delete from phone c:\private\10005A3E\mediaplayer.dat

Q. After Installing some themes, now the phone hangs and restarts whenever I open the theme settings.
A. First remove your memory card and try changing the theme. If everything is ok, put memory card in and connect to pc and delete \private\10207114\ folder. You will lose all themes in memory card, but everything will be fine. If phone restarts even after removal of memory card try uninstalling from applications manager all the themes installed to phone.

Q. After updating to v31 or v40, my OVI maps are not working.
A. Connect to PC and delete the 'CITIES' folder in memory card.

Q. When I connect my phone using map loader to pc and try to download a map, it says not enough memory even though I have over 7Gb of free space on memory card.
A. Connect to PC and delete the 'CITIES' folder in memory card. The old map data of Nokia maps 2 is not compatible with OVI maps 3.

Q. I had set a password for my memory card and now I forgot it, what to do?
A. Open from phone E:\SYS\Data\mmcstore.txt which is on the memory card and you will get your password from it. Do not format your card unless you remove the password.

Q. What are all the Audio/Video file formats supported on my phone?
A. All the formats listed below works, but only with their specific settings.
*.m4a, *.mp4
*.qt, *.mov
*.swf, *.flv
*.asf, *.wma, *.wmv
*.amr, *.aac, *.mp3, *.awb
*.3gp, *.3g2, *.3gpp, *.3gpp2
*.mp3, *.mp2, *.mpa, *.mp1, *.mpga
*.ra, *.rm, *.rmj, *.rms, *.mnd, *.rmc, *.rmvb, *.mns, *.mrc, *.rax, *.rvx, *.rv

Q. What are the settings for the perfect video running on 5800?
A. A converter with a High Quality preset is supplied HERE If you need to use another converter, use these settings.
Output File: mp4
Output Video Codec: mpeg-4
Video Scale Size: 640×360
Video Aspect: 16:9
Video Frame/Sec: 25 for optimum quality and 30 for HQ
Video Bitrate: 816 for optimum and 1200 for HQ
Output Audio Codec: AAC LC
Audio Sampling Frequency: 44100
Audio Channels: 2
Audio Bitrate: 128

Q. How to avoid the 'certificate error'?
A. To avoid that error, you must sign your apps. Refer THIS

Q. How to hack this Phone?
A. Refer to this POST on this blog

Q. How to Hard Format my phone?
A. Take backups of all important data especially contacts and the open the dialer and type *#7370# and then give the lock code if asked for. You can also hard format by first switching off, press the RED+GREEN+CAMERA buttons together and switch on the phone.


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