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Friday, August 27, 2010

Convert Your Nokia 5800 In to a Brand new c6/n97 By pnht

PNHT team after long-term test, Has Unveiled the C6's firmware ported to 5800, we have the new interface have high expectations, 

I believe Many have tried it from our orkut forum,Still me pasting the same here for Our Facebook users,

Some Main Features Of 5800 Converted 2 C6 are enlisted Below.

Note: the stuffs provided here  are only for  those nokia 5800 phones with rm 356
1, and C6 received the same interface and features and some characteristics of N97;
2, C6 of the stroke to unlock the window interface;
3,5 × 4 and 4 × 4 menu display (Note: This is a unique interface c6 and n97);
4, the new built-in mail application;
5, built-in QuickOffice;
6, built-in Adobe PDF reader;
7, Power 50-55MB of memory to run, run the program from time to time 45-50MB free memory;
8, contains the ZIP manager;
9, support for WMV playback;
10, updated music player; update contacts and retrieval;
11, mobile phone has the firmware to complete the work XX, no further trouble for the user certificate XX;
12, own browser, FLASH, Web search are updated to and N97, C6 exactly the same;
13, updated photo application, optimized SIP settings;

Essential Stuffs

1 C6 Firmwire  get it here
3 Pkey v5 Rm356get it here 

The Flashing procudure is very similar To my older posts Out in this Blog, Still i am pastin it here.. Just to refresh You

Step 1
Install Jaf, start it up with pkey.

windows 7 users see this post regarding installing & using jaf if you are facing any sort of trouble

Now launch JAF and set options like in picture below:

Go to the BB5 tab and
Disable crt 308
Disable Normal mode
Select Manual flash & Dead Usb
Now select your phone by Pressing Use  Ini

Now TURN OFF your phone  and connect via datacable.

click FLASH button ,
press the power button when asked for, give the power button a deep press.. dont press and hold.

Step 3

Now Keep Your eye locked in the jaf log..
Find the location were jaf is searching for your firmwire files.
See the picture below.

I have marked in red the location jaf is searching for my firmwire files.
so the firmwire files you downloaded.. has to be pasted to the location were jaf is searching your firmwire files.
If such a location doesnt exist, create it manually.
once you have copied the files to appropriate location
click on the options use Ini and select your phone model when prompted, now the jaf will load your firmwire files , as shown in the below   snap

after that hit the flash button... and connect ur fone via data cable,...
wen jaf asks 2 switch on the phone.. just a deep press on power button, [please dont press and hold, just give a fast depp prees,dats fine...]
jaf will strt de flashin processes...

kaboommmm...u"ll have a brand new nokia c6 in ur hand.... just aftwr 5 mins

Some common Question & answers abt the

Q - What do you mean with updated music player? Is it even better than v51 one?
A - The UI is improved like the N97 music player

Q - Is it possible to get the original 3x4 menu?
A - Yes. You will have your choice to change

Q - Do we have to mod it with tool or just select in the menu options for the 3x4 menu?
A - You will have to mod the grid xml in resource/grid/

Q - Is this C6 FW or a mixture of both N97 and C6 FWs?
A - No, it a mixture of both 5800/5530 and C6 FWs

Q - Does this N97 firmware have full N-Gage support using Vitural Keyboard or playing touch and accelerometer supported games?
A - No. 5800/5530 don't have hardware graphic acceleration to play these games

Q - Have you ported the TV-out to C6 FW?
A - Yes and it is working on Nokia 5800. Nokia 5530 doesn't support this feature

Q - Is there any difference between using N97 or C6 firmware?
A - The C6 firmware has the Slide to Unlock feature while the N97 firmware does not. There are also updated apps like email, etc...

Q - Can we download widgets from ovi store?
A - Yes, just like the original C6 and N97

Q - Has the invalid server bug in 5800 v50/51 been fixed in this firmware?
A - We haven't step on such bug. So we believe it's solved

Q - Does this firmware allow the Nokia 5800/5530 to be charged through the USB?
A - No, the Nokia 5800/5530 does not have the physical hardware for it

Q - Why can't I find my language for this firmware
A - Nokia has not released all languages for C6-00. Plus, Asian Pacific languages are to be ported later by members since actual FW don't have enough space to include appropriate fonts

Q - Are the rotation effects and theme effects included?
A - The rotation effects are not included but there are theme effects in the firmware

Q - Does my old HS such as : Tsunami Orange,Contacts bar...etc still exist when i flash this FW to my 5800?
A - No, the C6 firmware only consists of one homescreen (widgets) and no other will be avaliable at the moment

Q - Can we customize the homescreens and will it show the updates of facebook on homescreen??
A - Yes you will just like the original C6

Q - What is the speed test from Speedy Go report?
A - Speedy Go has shown the phone to be running at 508 score

Q - Will this firmware work for phones such as Nokia 5230 etc...?
A - This firmware will only work for Nokia 5800/5530 at the moment

Q - Will we be able to flash back to original firmware after flashing with c6 firmware?
A - Yes u will be able to flash back as long as you flash to the same firmware number of our release or upgrade

Q - I had V40/V50 on my 5800 what happens after flashing with C6 CFW? Will i be able to revert to 5800 v40/V50?
A - No, or you will downgrade! C6 has been ported to 5800 V51. You can reinstall V51 or upgrade to another version if available. Same applies for 5530 phones

Q - I have 5800 RM-427/RM-428. Will this FW work on my phone?
A - No. This release is only for 5800 RM-356

Q - Why only English is installed in this FW?
A - We decided to release this FW with English only and supply language packs because we are limited in space and we cannot put all. Language packs are easy to integrate using the new NFE

Q - How can i add a new language to C6 CFW?
A - You need to use NFE 0.2 to import the supplied language file. More details will be given after release

Q - Can you please release C6 with preinstalled Lang (ex: italian?)
A - No and never expect that to happen. New languages must be cooked by yourself or another modder. We cannot cook and release tens of FWs

Q - Can i delete the other languages?
A - There is only English in the FW that we will release, so nothing to delete.

Q - Does this FW come pre-Hacked?
A - What do you think? Sure it will be

Does the keyboard auto switch from any keyboard to Full QWERTY when you rotating phone landscape like in 5800 XM?
A - No. C6/N97 don't even originally have a Qwerty keyboard so this kind of behavior isn't coded in it's libraries.

If You  still have any querries regarding this,  leave a comment in our orkut topic right here, you will be helped at the earliest.