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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GPS Antenna Mod For Nokia 5800 By Joseph Alukka™

Yet another Kwel Mod for Your Nokia 5800 From the Grea8 Master Mind Joseph Alukka
Have a Look at our Official Topic In Orkut on Gps Antenna Mod For Doubt and Querries:

Now Let us Proceed with the tutorial:
Before that please understand that you are doing the mod at your own risk.. None Of us here will be held Responsible If You end up Screwing Your Phone:
So Think Twice Before You make any Modifications On Your Phone::

GPS devices use two signals from satelittes at frequencies of ~1200MHz and ~1500MHz.. If we calculate the length to atleast satisfy the reception of half the wavelength of 1500MHz, we need atleast a 2 inch antenna.. What the people at nokia has given this cell is a 3cm patch antenna. Patch antennas are least insensitive to signals compared to wire and solid shaped ones. So what we are gonna do here is to mod the default antenna of the GPS reciever and give it a good extension within the phone itself without touching the warranty or any signs of tampering.

After this mod, you will get full signals for all satellites which are available, which means you can use your phone with GPS activated in your pocket, in bus or car and sometimes even inside rooms.. No need for clear skies and trees anymore.. Gps works even at over 100Km/hr speed if you are travelling, without losing the lock. You will get a lock within 10 seconds for any app if you do this properly and you are standing in a clear area..


1. A Nokia Screwdriver
2. Single Strand tin plated wire or single strand uninsulated copper wire of minimum gauge ~30SWG
3. Nose pliars or tweezers
4. Cellophane tape
5. Wire cutter

Get a Nokia screwdriver for 10 or 20Rs from any mobile accessory shop. No other substitutes must be used to remove it. Cellophane must be used, not insulation tape. Single strand wires are nothing extraordinary, they will have only a single core. Buy a meter of it from an electronic spares shop for 3Rs... Tin plated wires are better for antennas than copper. Also copper get an oxide layer quickly reuducing the conduction. See the Picture below to get an Idea of what single strand wire looks like. It is very thin, as thin as a fishing line.

Below is a Nose pliar and Nokia screw driver.


1. Switch off your phone and remove its back cover as well as battery. Keep the phone screen faced down on a soft woolen cloth.

2. Now, cover the tip of the screwdriver with a cotton cloth and remove the four screws shown in the diagram. Cloth is used to avoid scratches on the screws. Better safe than sorry. Keep the screws safe.

3. Now Note the location of the six latches on both sides of the plastic ring in the image.

4. First begin from the left side of the phone, i.e, the sides with the card and sim flaps. Note the location of the 2nd and 3rd latches leaving the first and insert the nail of one finger by open the memory card flap and between the case so that the ring becomes tight. Now with the other finger simply pull the upper part with minimum force such that the latches come out. DO NOT USE A SCREWDRIVR FOR THIS STEP. You can also use the plastic card which comes with sim instead of your nail.

5.Lift the bottom left corner and let one half of the case come out.

6. Similarly put nail from beneath the plastic case on the right side and pull the upper part with the other hand in the opposite direction of the latch with minimum force.

7. Lift the whole casing upwards and push it towards the top part of the phone after tilting the case. You might need to open the USB flap for this.

8. When everything is removed, it looks like this. Make sure u don't tilt the phone or else the lock/unlock switch will come off. If you do tilt, make sure its seated properly on the switch.

9. Now note the memory card side of the phone. Just above the memory card, you can see a small metal connector. Thats the pin which connects the GPS reciever on the board to the antenna board which is on the top and thats where we ae gonna tap. Also note the patch antenna for our phone.

10. Take the single strand wire about 25cms and strip off its plastic coating. Now bend it as shown in the figure below with a nose pliar or tweezer or if possible with your own skills.

If you cant understand the photo, check the illustration below. (my cam is poor for macros). the first bend is 2mm long, and makes a first bend, where the gap is 1mm or less. This bending is to avoid a solderless or tamperless contact. Its a technique which makes contact even if the wire is loose and whichever way u keep the phone. Make the bends and make sure it fits correctly with no bulging out.

11. Now take our casing back again and fix the top portion first by sliding. When its hooked, leave the rest without latching any of the latches and insert our wire throught it and fit it into the connector gap. Close the casing and check if all buttons are free and sim/card flaps are working properly. Screw it up with the cloth and DO NOT OVERTIGHT. When screws become tight, leave it.

12. The closed casing should look like this with the wire protruding out.There is a gap, make sure your pull it out at the same location as in the image below.

13. Now bend the wire according to the yellow line in the following diagram. There will be a gap for the correct placement of the wire. Cut the wire at exactly the point before the yellow line finishes such that it doesnt touch the screw near the camera. That screw is wired internally, touching when phone is operating will cause malfunction or loss of complete signal due to grounding.

14. Now note the diagram below showing the parts and locate the gsm antenna and stick a piece of cellophane tape over the wire in that area so that it does not touch the GSM antenna.

15. Put the battery back, close everything and reboot the phone.

16. Goto an open area and open Applications>Location>GPS Data>position and check if its locking on quickly. You can also check Google maps and see. If its locking quickly within 10-15 secs, everything is fine else you made a loose connection at the connector terminal and wire.

Signal Levels...

This is my final signal levels in an open area..

Do it slow and safe and enjoy!!!