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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wireless Media Streaming on your Nokia 5800 xm s60v5

Wireless Media Streaming on your Nokia 5800 xm S60v5 via Wi-fi, Watch formats Like Mkv, rm,vob, In Your Nokia 5800 Over Wifi,

Tutorial Written And Presented To You By Joseph Alukka

Here I present to you guys a new league of technology for our 5800, the Live Video streaming Technology over wifi. Its mindblowing stuff, will leave your jaws wide open if you see it working. This is a thing which you wont have seen in any community or anywhere else. Live Videos streaming from Laptops and PC's wth a wireless card Installed can do this without the help of an Internet conenction. You can stream almost anything, if you know the command line options for the host program, here which is VLC media player. I worked for 2 damn days to get it working and making those command line parameters. Here I'll be explaining how to stream Movies and videos as well as a webcam to your mobile over wifi. You can watch the live stream from as far as your wifi can reach. But all this comes for a very complex setup only. You will be able to view movies which would never play in your mobile even if the best video player are installed. SO you can watch formats like mkv, vob, rm without conversion or copying to device as long as you are in range and computer is running. If you have advanced knowledge, you can stream the same over broadband to a remote device or computer. And know what, its the same technology used by youtube to stream videos. So maybe, you can setup your private video centre.

NOTE : This is not for newbies, and I am not going to take a class on Networking and related stuff. You must have an average technical knowledge. Try this only if you know how to setup an Ad-hoc network, how to change IP's, Gateway setting and all. A very advanced topic. The complexity is due to the fact that there is only 2 steps necessary to set this up on the mobile with no app installation, so the complex setup has to be done on the computer. Not for light hearted people.


1. A Laptop or PC with wifi card. 2. VLC Media player. 3. The Streaming config files DOWNLOAD 4. Atleast 20Mb free space in fone memory 5. Lots of patience Apart from this you might also need Joikuspot for mobile if you cant setup the Ad-hoc network easily.


If you have no GPRS on fone as well as broadband on home pc, read step 1.
If you have GPRS on phone, but no broadband internet on pc, read step 2.
If you have Broadband on your home system and mobile is connected to it, read step 3.
If you have both GPRS and pc net, then select either step 2 or 3, better 3.

1. Here I'll explain in short how to setup an ad-hoc network(computer to computer) in easy words for a non-networked pc. First Goto advanced wireless network settings in Network connections which lists the wifi networks available. Add a new one to it and during settingup, set as adhoc and open network without password. After it is setup, goto wifi in settings>connectivity and search for networks. You will get your network, if you have configured it properly. Connect to it and in a few secs, you will be conencted from fone, but if you check in pc, it will mostly show aquiring network address or connected. Now right click on the wifi icon in the tray and take status, then properties. From that take the properties of Internet Protocol. Manually set the IP address to, subnet mask as and default gateway as and close all settings after saving. Now open command propmt and type ipconfig and see if settings have been applied and you are shown as connected to wifi network.

2. If you have GPRS on phone but no net on pc, the easiest way would be to Install joikuspot to avoid all the trouble of setting up an ad-hoc network. Just Install it and goto step 4 directly. Even if you are using joikuspot, check if your ip is configured properly to using ipconfig. If not, either change the pc's ip to this value or change the ip in the file to the corresponding value. Once the network is setup, its easy to configure on fone.

3. If you have broadband on pc and sharing it to mobile thru wifi, this will be easy. Just find the ip of your system and copy it to the configuration file you downloaded by right click and editing it. Be sure not to change the port no which is set as 554. Connect your mobile as normal and make sure it remains connected.
Click on the pic for bigger view

4. Make sure you have vlc installed properly, and check if the the path for vlc in the config file corresponds to the actual path of vlc installed, if not edit the config file.

5. Edit the path for the videos on your pc. Only videos are allowed for the Movie batch config file. Any video file will run including mkv and rm. Audio files will give errors. Also make sure you have no space in the path address. If your path has space, then make use of double quotes" as like for the path of vlc where program files has a space in between.

6. If you are sure that IP is set properly and port is not changed, run the script after saving it. A command window should open up followed by VLC player and start playing the files in the folder you have set. Windows Firewall will also pop up an error message requesting permission. Allow it or better, turn firwall off. Click on the playlist button and select tthe video you need.
7. Make sure mobile is connected to pc. Now Goto Menu>Applications>RealPlayer>St
reaming links and add a new link. Select memory as card, give a name and when it asks for the link, give the following for the purpose. Movie stream config file : rtsp:// Webcam stream config file: rtsp:// So now you have 2 streaming links ready for your purpose. You can setup as many channels as you need and do live streaming by using different port numbers. The above 2 sholud not be used together due to same port number. 8. I have supplied 3 config files in the download. The movie stream nHD is the best quality stream protocol for hi speed wifi networks. Try it first, if it runs smooth, use it, else use the movie stream LQ which plays on all wifi networks. The webcam stream is to stream your computer or an attached webcam to your mobile device. Whatever stuff you stream will have a 4 second delay due to the buffering time.


If you need to watch movies or videos, make sure both devices are connected. Run the Movie stream nHD or LQ as desired and after vlc opens you can close the command window and minimise vlc to tray. Then run the movie stream link from realplayer and watch it play after the short buffer. It should play uninterrupedly even if you use the internet over it. You can change the video file from the computer to what you need and minimze it. Thats it, watch live video stream!! If you need to stream the webcam, do the same as above , but instead run the webcam stream file and select the webcam stream link in real player. This can be used as a kind of spy monitor on a close location like a closed room. Thats all for your own youtube server at home. Your mobile is now a mediahub. Show off this to your friends and watch their jaws drop.!! Enjoy.. I made this so that I dont need to bother my roommate to watch movies while he's using the laptop .... Cooler than ever, and at the heart of technology!!! I donno why I love this fone so much... May sound crazy, but its cool...

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