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Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Hack Nokia 5800 and other s60v5's

First of all, for Nokia 5800, this tutorial is only for tubes with firmware v31.0.101 or below. v40 for 5800 is so far UNHACKABLE with Helloox v2.0.3 which is the latest version. For all the rest phones, please goto link and verify first before attempting.

Will it damage my phone?By hacking, you are not doing any damage to your phone. All the changes are software based. So everything is reversible if you wish, but you will never need to do that. And once you understand the freedom of having a hacked phone, there is no turning back.

No need to sign applications at all. Phone gets full capabilities to install apps without signing. Fixes the most annoying certificate error. No more feature not supported errors. You also get full access to system files and folders for modding to add advanced features as well as you can solve most problems without hard formatting as you have full access to phone memory.
Not any except the tiresome process of getting the hacking app signed.
Is it reversible?
Yes, totally. If you run the hacking tool again, it will ask for unhack option and when executed, everything goes back.
What happens when i hack my phone?
The hacking tool simply installs a root certificate to the phone memory thus fooling the phone to believe that it is the original certificate. This is a totally involuntary action so you wont even know about it.
Well then, How to Hack?
Helloox2 and rompatcher+ are our tools for a hacked s60. Simply trying to install an unsigned application will not work. So you need to get it signed for the first time. You can use that signed helloox for 3 years.

1. Goto LINK and register an account for yourself. Login to that account.
2. Goto LINK and provide ur imei no which u get when u type *#06# on phone and submit information after filling the other two boxes.
3. Download helloox2 from HERE and unzip it and keep it ready.
4. Relogin after a minimum of 1hrs and check if your certificate is ready by going to LINK If not ready, try after few hrs or a day or later.
If its ready, then goto LINK and at the end of the page there will be an option to upload your app, select the the software u need to sign, for us helloox2 which was downloaded earlier, and select the radio box on the upper part of the page labelled 'my certificates' and then upload. when it is ready, which will happen immediately after upload, download the signed app and install on ur phone. After install, open rompatcher, enable 'installserver' and 'open4all' patch and set both to auto.
Your phone is now hacked.
To unhack simply run helloox again from applications and choose unhack. Unhack is only available on helloox v2.03
None who has ever hacked has had a problem with hacking his phone, so just dont worry.