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Monday, May 4, 2009

Major Issues

How Can I Update My Phone.?

Step1Find Wheather There is an Update Available
Step2 Download & install Nokia Software Updater
Step3 Follow The Intructions There in
Alternately Update The Phone with Fota(Firmwire Over The air,it can b accesed by only gprs and wifi users)

I Have Transferred many music files to my Memory Card But They are Not Showing Up In Music Player

Once u transfer files to mem card..
you should refresh the music library to get the files displayed in playlists
player>options>refresh library.

How Can i Use Secondary Camera..?

go to camera.<options

How can I Change My Default memory to Memory Card ..?

Go To
messaging ▌options ▌settings ▌other ▌memory in use

set it to memory card (E:/)

You Are Done..

Thats It....

Songs Preloded In Phone Stops Playing After Software Update and giving error "Corrupted File"

A) your phone to the nearest Nokia care outlet and they wud fix it in no time.

Some 218 Videos are Present in Menu-->Application-->Video Centre-->My Videos-->All Videos Clips...Out Of these only the First 08 are Playable which are also shown in Galley--->>Images and Videos..... rest all are not playable...Its showing me "Invalid Clip.Operation Cancelled"

A: Actually these are not video files they are preloaded songs only, they are showing up in video because their format is .dcf not .mp3. .dcf is used as protective file for songs,videos etc. But the VIDEO center can not distinguish between them clearly so it shows up as 200+ videos.

How Can I fix broken image files in gallery ?

Ans:-connect your 5800xm to pc as mass storage mode..then apply the disc checking option....this will fix your problem

right click on your 5800xm drive...click properties/tools/Error checking/Check Now then tick 2 options and hit "START"

5800xm sensor Not working....what to do?

Ans:-You need to hard reset your device..........

press *#7370#(lock code)

but backup your phone memory first

Using Pc suite backup manager ....

How to use Hard Reset in 5800xm?


(This method is for nokia 5800 XM WITH F.W 20 AND UP)


press *#7370# (lock code)


Certificate Problem

Q) U just bought ur phone and try to install any software or theme but u get an error message saying."Certificate Expired!".

A) Well some apps need to be "signed" with your own custom certificate before they can be installed.

Step 1
Obtain Your own digital certificate file,Key file made out of ur IMEI number
a) Register Yourselfs @ Opda
b) Word Tutorial to Obtain Certificates From Opda
Note: Download .doc reader to view the tutorial

Step 2
Now You a Signer application that Attaches your custom made certificate and key file to the application so that the phone is able to read and install it.

Search For Signer Apps Here

Hurray Thats..Enjoy Installing Loads Of Softwares In Your Phone..!

Also see Other Alternative Ways
Solve Certficate Expired Problem
Solve Certificate issue : Method 2

Earpiece problem !

I saw some articles on how to fix it, but I prefer going to Nokia care.

Anybody experienced earpiece issue on Nokia 5800 ? (low volume, varying volume, vibrations?)

Its a Common Problem With Nokia 5800
Just Visit Nokia Care
They Will Fix It For You In Seconds..!~


Chin Siong said...

how do i fix the Some "Invalid Clip.Operation Cancelled" problem ???

my videos are already in mp4 format... however, everytime i play it, it just shows Invalid Clip.Operation Cancelled"

Oommen Kuruvilla said...

convert videos with allok mp4 convertor in our tools section..!
the settings file is also provided with it