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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home Screen Modding On Nokia 5800

Hey Guys
Check this out..
Hopefully you all will like this..
have fun
happy Home Screen modding
Have a Look at some Screenshots: 

Download the ZIP and extract. Sign and install the apps in the ZIP.

For 1 bar, install 1 SW app, for 2 bars install 2 Sw's etc.

Connect phone in Mass Storage to a pc. Go to folder memcard/system/apps/SmartWorkSpace and locate the INI files.

To edit SW's icons and placement, open the INI file on your pc.

The INI's look like this:


KeyCode = 8
PortraitPosition = Rect(0,  290,  360,  350)
LandscapePosition =  Rect(0,  91,  360,  150)
DynamicLayoutSwitch = Enable
Autostart = Enable

Editing Apps:

Add app UID's under this heading: [MBApplications]

Up to 6 apps in a row looks ok, more causes icons to be too small.

UID's can be obtained by using task managers such as JbakTaskman.(Click here)

Placement of bars:

For editing the positioning of the bars on the HS, you edit the following line(s):

PortraitPosition = Rect(0,  290,  360,  350)
LandscapePosition =  Rect(0,  91,  360,  150)

Edit the 2nd and 4th value for vertical positioning on the screen.

2nd value - This is the number of pixels from the top of the screen to the top of the bar.
4th value - This is the height of the bar, make this 60 pixels more than your 2nd value entered.

Alternatively, use these default values:

1 - OnCBA - horizontal bar on Telephone and Contacts buttons

2 - AboveCBA - horizontal bar above Telephone and Contacts buttons

3 - RightVertical - the vertical bar on the right

4 - LeftVertical - the vertical bar on the left

Save/replace both edited files on your memory card in the respective folders and start / restart desired SW apps.

thanks to kxotab for the SW Clone ZIP. Remember, sign the files before installation.

Now drop ur modded home screen screenshot here  .. lets have fun

Heres a list of UIDs for for common apps.

0x101f4cce  - Contact

0x100058c5  - Messages

0x102072c3  - Player

0x20001f63  - Maps

0x101f4cd2  - Menu

0x100068ec - Settings

0x10005901 - Calender

0x10005a32 - Themes

0x100058f8 - Profiles

0xa0000bcd - Xplore

0x2002aa96 - Opera Mobile

0x10005951 - Bluetooth

0x102068e2 - USB

0x10008d39 - Web

0x20008daa - Win Live

0x101f8599 - Gallery

0x20022ba7 - BrightLight

0x2000a582 - Screensnap

0x101f84eb - File Manager


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