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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I need to update My Nokia 5800xm S60v5 Mobile to v40 but Nokia's website as well as Nokia Software Updater says v30 is the latest for my mobile.

A. All mobiles have a product code written behind the battery. Nokia 5800 is produced with as many as hundred product code all over the world. The updates are released based on this code and so far v40 is not released for India and v30 is the latest. So if you have a mobile bought from India, your product code will mostly be 0575590 for which nothing new is available as update. So if you find that NSU is telling v30 is the latest for your mobile, you have 2 options to update your phone.

1. Goto Nokia care:- Nokia Care will have either v31 or v40 depending on the place you visit. Whatever they have tell them to update as both needs the product code to be changed and they will do it though you wont know. If you get v40, fine, be happy and enjoy, but if its v31, come back home and check on NSU, it will show v40 available cos your product code is changed by them. Update normally without any problems.
2. Change your product code yourself:- If you have a minimum skill level, you can change the pdt code urself by checking this LINK. It is simple and there is nothing to go wrong. When you need the new code to use for changing to, use the following codes depending on your mobile colour.

0573797: APAC2 India Black
0559961: APAC2 India BLUE
0559673: APAC2 India RED

NOTE: Changing the product code does not void the warranty as many people over here say. Just change it back to the code written behind your battery after your update is finished. Even if you give to NC, they will change ur code and wont change it back, which is a clear example that Product code does not void warranty. Product code is not significant for 5800 because this mobille does not have customized language for different codes and so all mobile end up the same except the update availability.

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