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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to brush a Custom firmwire with Jaf In your 5800xm Nokia s60v5 Mobile.

Download Your Favourite Brushing pack from here
Keep it safe In Your Pc

 Download all the below 7  Files
File one
File Two
File Three
File Four
File Five
File six
File Seven
All the links supports download managers.

Save a  hard copy of these somewere..!
then make a working copy on to your pc.

the pack you downloaded in step 1 might contain 3 files...
those files may have a diff name...than those files we downloaded in step 2
for example::
the rofs 3 file  might be in the name Rblt-RM-356_50.0.005_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx in  files downloaded in step 1 where as the right name in the files downloaded in step 3 may b ..RM-356_50.0.005_C01_prd.rofs3.fpsx

So our job is to rename the files in step 1 .. to bear the names of corressponding  files in step 3
make sure all files name strt with rm-356

After u have successfully renamed all custom files downloaded in step 1..  delete these original files wcich you have in your  working copy on  your pc... as per step 3., then paste the custom files we renamed to the same working  copy..!
so that now you have successfully renamed the custom files downloaded and replaced it with the original files we downloaded in step 2
so thats it your working copy can be used to flash with jaf.

Now launch JAF and set options like in picture below:

Go to the BB5 tab and
Disable crt 308
Disable Normal Mode
Select Manual flash & Dead Usb

Now select your phone

Like in the first image select Use INI and you will be prompted to select your phone as shown in the second image.


Now Keep Your eye locked in the jaf log..
Find the location were jaf is searching for your firmwire files.
See the picture below.

I have marked in red the location jaf is searching for my firmwire files.
so your firmwire files we made ready as in step 2 has to be pasted to the location were jaf is searching your firmwire files.
If such a location doesnt exist, create it manually.
once you have copied the working files.. to appropriate location
click on the options use Ini and select your phone model when prompted, now the jaf will load your firmwire files , as shown in the below pic.

Now TURN OFF your phone !! and then click FLASH button after that press power button (don't hold it) on your phone and JAF will start flashing.
Wait till Jaf Finishes Flashing
Restart your phone..and the continue to next step.

To begin with u need a file explorer like xplore or y browser installed
copy files from here to "E:\Patches" and run RP+, select "Install Server RP+" and "Open4All RP+" add them to auto and your phone is HACKED !!!!!!!!


1)Make sure you have selected the correct phone model in Jaf
2)while in 4th step make sure u press the power button just for a second to trigger flashing,dont keep the power button pressed for so long.!
3) Make sure you dont get stuck in a power failure while doing flashing. 
4)make sure you back up your contacts,msgs etc before you proceed with flashing.
If You have any querries regarding this, leave a comment you will be helped at the earliest.