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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nokia® v50 XtremeEdition™ v1.0 Firmware Brushing Pack By Joseph Alukka™ / Nokia 5800 xm Rm 356

Homescreen without any settings changed.. Just Music player open.

Menu with default theme

Restructured Cool Application menu

This is  first FW release which has been actually modded by Alukka.. Its Just basic, no crap but still looks distinct from most

of your people's firmware even from the first boot...

* Used APAC 2 Indian Firmware with Only English and rest languages removed. This version is the Fastest.
* Built right from scratch, not from anyone else's fw.
* Included around 300 patches for performance, all v50 compatible.
* Includes Cache size, cache relocation to E:\, heap size and all the normal mods for v50.
* Included Btswitch App to switch on Bluetooth without any menu.
* A very powerful File browser from Nokia which is as powerfull as Xplore to help you from first boot itself in Z.
* Nokia Photobrowser With Kinetic scrolling to avoid Using the Gallery installed to Z drive.
* RomPatcher+ 2.3 with autostart in Z drive.
* Auto installs All patches for RP+ directly to memory card right on first boot. My Own Idea!! Manual copy not needed.
* No other Apps preinstalled other than these 3 to avoid a messed firmware.
* Hacked Using a new Technique of SWpolicy, No need to even enable RP+ patches to install unsigned apps. Installs Anything!
* A new Restructured Menu and Icons by Myself. You will find this nowhere else !! My own Design !!
* Application Folder operates extremely fast due to folder structuring and Cool Icons for every folder.
* Changed Busy Circle to Symbian Style. Small and nice.
* Changed Default Bluetooth Name to Nokia 5800 XtremeEdition
* Camera Mute by default for shutter in all profiles for default sound.
* Camera Exposure sound mute for any profile with warning tones off.
* Default shorcuts changed from useless apps to Music Player, Messages, gallery And OVI maps.
* Kinetic scrolling bugs fixed. No more jumpy issues and speed controlled.
* Music player plays from Music folder in memory card only.
* Default RIngtones changed to different tones.
* Built in fonts changed to September, re-edited by me for Hindi support for reading.
* Bootscreen changed to Symbian Black and Shutdown to N900, with maximum volume and startup message.
* Default theme changed to Dots by Pizero, re-modded with Full Transparency on homescreen and set to default.
* Custom version Changed to v51.0.050
* Screen Rotation at maximum speed possible on v50.
* Removed the 5 default wallpapers. 
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